Long-time friends Dr. Marco Biancardi and Zen Joseph Player started Metamasks in Ubud in February 2016. Their original organic facemasks were launched at the popular Bali Spirit Festival and quickly expanded to Ubud retail outlets, earning a reputation for being the ‘World’s First Organic Fashion Facemask’.

 With Marco managing production and Zen creating the brand, packaging, marketing & advertising, the two entrepreneurs worked tirelessly to advance their venture. When Zen returned to New Zealand in late 2016 (where he resides), he found NZ’s leading nanotechnology company, Revolution Fibres (REVO). After many months of development, the REVO created a unique nano-coco-carbon™ filter that was superior to any other mask filter on the market due to its high capture and breathability.

In August 2017 the new generation Metamasks was launched at Burning Man Festival in the USA. The masks were a big hit and protected hundreds of people during severe dust and sand storms common to that desert location.

When veteran fashionista Mauro Tacconelli joined the company in 2018 he brought with him 30 years of experience producing luxury swimwear and bikinis for world-leading brands such as  ArmaniYamamayJust CavalliParah, and many others. Mauro's critical eye assures that every mask produced is of flawless quality and lasting beauty.


Metamasks are the world's most high-tech, stylish, comfortable, efficient and sustainable fashion facemask – capturing 99.99% of all airborne particulates at PM2.5 microns, and up to 99.72% capture at PM1.0 microns, providing maximum protection even against bacteria, germs, viruses, and pathogens. Most other filters on the market are thicker, bulkier and less efficient, even requiring an exhaust valve to exhale.

Our exclusive New Zealand-made nano-coco-carbon™ filter is so efficient it allows full breathing at a steady walk without resistance. At less than 1mm thick our filter enables Metamasks’ stylish design and ultra-comfortable fit. We at Metamasks are PASSIONATE about supporting the health of humans and Mother Earth by using natural, organic, sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible, including recycled synthetic lycra for our new kid's range!


Our Mission is to help millions of men, women, and children to BREATHE BEAUTIFULLY!


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