Bali is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise, but finding the Best Place for Shopping in Bali can be both daunting and frustrating. Everything is available for you to buy; start from fashion items, art and craft products, wood and stone carvings and also jewelries. You won’t have to look far to hit on the shops and malls of Kuta which present a hotchpotch of trendy brand name outlets, souvenir shops, and fashion boutiques, together with gargantuan surfwear concept stores.


The Best Place for Shopping in Bali to find fashionable items are In Kerobokan and Seminyak, you can rummage for treasures in cluttered little stores and dark junkshops crammed to the ceiling with curios and ‘made-to-order antiques’! Derive inspiration from classy home ware shops, or wander through huge odoriferous warehouses displaying an orderly selection of high-quality furniture. Visit the designer boutiques in Seminyak and Petitenget. Tropical panache and boho collections feature chic designs executed in rayon, silks, cotton, and chiffons, perfect for Bali’s stylish night scene. 

Meanwhile, Ubud is the Best Place for Shopping in Bali for fine art and crafts. Classic,contemporary and abstract artwork, fine art, folk art, and decorative wall panels, can all be found in the town’s numerous galleries and art shops.

If you are a bold and brave bargain hunter, a spree within the heart of Bali’s bustling provincial capital may prove to be the most rewarding the Best Place for Shopping in Bali experience of all. Visit Denpasar’s vibrant markets, where everything and anything, including handicrafts and artwork, is available somewhere amid the rich aromas and chaos of the heaped stalls lining the narrow, crowded alleyways. Jl. Sulawesi is the textile street, devoted to the cloth of all descriptions, while Jl. Hasanudin is the glittering locale of Bali’s gold shops. Intrepid shoppers may also wish to visit the stone and wood-carving villages in Bali’s hinterland. Batubulan is renowned for its stone carvings, which are exhibited all along the main road, while the village of Mas is famous for woodcarving, its thoroughfare solidly lined with craft shops where you can watch the carvers at work. 

Alternatively, you could plod the never-ending main street of Tegallalang, where you will find candles, mirrors, painted balsa-wood cats, flowers and frogs, batik lampshades, wrought iron photo-frames, banana-leaf boxes, dreamcatchers and bamboo wind-chimes galore, at half the price you’d pay in Kuta.

Finally, visit the silver emporiums of Celuk strung along three kilometers of the main road flanked by a maze of backstreets chock-a-block with workshops and smaller outlets. Here, ornate jewelry set with precious and semi-precious stones, are produced by master craftsmen, whose sterling skills and trade secrets have been passed down through generations of families.

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