Of all the iconic, historical monuments that grace the planet, Egypt’s ancient Pyramids of Giza are the most fascinating. For many, especially some of the folk who gravitate to Ubud, these mysterious architectural objects, claimed to be the tombs of great pharaohs, have a special calling.

Could this be associated with an obscure past life experience?

Now the modern landscape of Ubud has a unique and exciting, and maybe chance related new landmark. Located three kilometers north of central Ubud, up Jalan Suweta are the Pyramids of Chi. Set out upon four acres and nestled in the rice fields, the Pyramids of Chi complex features two structures built to the scale of the famous Giza Pyramids. Constructed with precision according to the ratios of sacred geometry, aligned to directional coordinates, the 1-16th, and 1-18th scale structures are situated over water, all to help generate a special energy.

 “The pyramids are tuned to a specific frequency focused upon balancing the human body’s internal energy centers, that regularly get out of alignment and cause illness or discomfort, usually through stress or emotional issues,” said Peter McIntosh, who along with his wife Lynn are the founders of the Pyramids of Chi. “When combined with the power of sound, via ancient instruments of drums, gongs and didgeridoos the effect the pyramids have on the body is remarkable,” he said, and adds, “Through our years of business experience in Western Australia we came to understand the nature of sound healing, along with the magnetic forces created within a pyramidal structure.”

“How does this work?” I asked.
“We are vibrational beings,” Peter said. “Our body is comprised of 80% water. When we are subjected to sound frequencies, the body responds, either mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. That is how sound healing can occur.” “Following thorough research it was revealed that pyramids are upon every continent of the planet, even under many oceans, and with over 300 in China and Central America. So they must be there for a purpose. We continued our research and found that they all create electromagnetic power – a very special kind of energy.”

During the past 10 years, Ubud has become a thriving center for yoga, meditation and alternative forms of knowledge, medicinal modalities, along with sacred practices from Bali’s Hindu religion. According to the locals, the village was once called Ubad, related to the word obat meaning medicine. It makes senses that the wisdom of the pyramids now makes their home here in Ubud. “Sound healing is practiced all over the world, also used in hospitals with ultrasound, and during the past few years has become popular here in Ubud,” Peter continues. “It is acknowledged that sound works on healing our bodies in many wonderful ways. By experiencing the combination of the sound healing and the pyramid’s natural energies, the people within the pyramids receive a unique amplified sensation and come out completely relaxed and stress-free, and often feeling quite re-energized.

The process involves the clients entering one of the Pyramids, lying down on the mattress covered floor, and then for one hour listening to the sounds of the instruments while falling into states of deep relaxation. “We simply facilitate the optimum conditions, the sounds reverberate within the structures and surround the receivers who then respond according to their own body’s natural processes,” said Peter, who has seen this occur time and time again with a previous operation in Australia. “We would love to see the Pyramids of Chi popping up all over the world, in every major tourist destination so people can experience the healing power of sound. We know it works. It has to be done with the right procedure, enhancing the receiver’s body and its ability to cure itself.” “Ubud, Bali is the perfect showcase for the Pyramids,” Peter said. “People come from all over the world to seek out Ubud’s transformational experiences via health retreats, yoga, detox etc. Hopefully, some people will respond so positively that they will be inspired to establish their own on other parts of the planet, so others people can easily access the Pyramids of Chi.”

After having invested 3 years in a journey that has involved great challenges and many rewards, trusting in their intuition, along with the support of many people, Peter and Lynn believe they have something special to share. “After retiring we decided to do something to help other people. Financially secure and with time on our hands, we were driven to contribute to help create a better world. We agreed that whatever future business we would become involved in would be for the greater good.” We were guided to be here in Ubud by many circumstances,” said Peter. “Some years ago I had a vision of building 2 pyramids, and now, over time, our dream has come true.”

Ubud has become known as the 'Spiritual Epicentre of Asia' and one of the centers of 'Yoga Development and Attraction' globally. Now with the Pyramids of Chi as a one of a kind feature of Bali’s burgeoning wellness sector, there is a good reason to spend more time in Ubud and explore what it has to offer. Peter and Lynn’s key purpose for introducing this project and the amazing experience is to help people to discover the wonders of complete relaxation using sound and vibrations. The official opening of the Pyramids of Chi in March is a reason for much celebration, not only for Lynn and Peter, yet also their many friends in the Ubud community, and curious others joining in.

The Pyramids of Chi complex includes a café serving delicious ‘conscious food’ and good coffee, an education center, and outdoor space for community events and workshops. It is something out of the ordinary, but don’t just take my word for it. Best you venture out and experience for yourself. Our inner, subconscious world with which we engage during states of deep relaxation allows us access to infinite treasures.

Who knows what you will find?

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